Citizens State Bank Mobile Privacy Policy

Rev. 1/2023

The mobile application requests access to information stored on your device such as location, camera, contacts, or other features to enrich and simplify your own user experience and improve our services, as well as provide additional security to protect your account.

It is important that you understand that Citizens State Bank protects your personal information with security measures that comply with federal law.  These measures include computer safeguards and secured files and buildings.  It is important that you take steps to safeguard your information as well.

Please be aware that any time you use a mobile app:

  • Before granting access to information, you will be prompted to give the application permission to access that information.
  • If you do not wish to grant that permission, you may decline.
  • If you later change your mind, those permissions can be updated in your device’s settings.

Some examples of information your app will request access to and how that access could be used:

  • Location – used to prevent fraudulent activity and display locations near you
  • Contacts – If available, this feature would allow you to send money via the app
  • Camera – to capture check images for mobile deposits, face recognition, etc.

You can access our Privacy Policy on our website or can obtain a copy at any time by contacting us.  If you would like a copy or have any questions, please contact the bank at or:

Citizens State Bank
300 North Home Street
P. O. Box 500
Corrigan, Texas  75939

Citizens State Bank
117 West First
P. O. Box 830
Groveton, Texas 75845